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The numeral clock puts a unique twist on the traditional wall clock. With a minimalist approach in mind, we produced a sophisticated, modern, and creative timepiece to reflect your sense of style. Use this exquisite design to add a unique and decorative touch to your living space or office. 


The size is customizable depending on your preference, however if you aren’t feeling adventurous, we include a wall template to help guide you through the installation process. 

- Silent motor

- Simply stick to your wall without drilling any holes

- Crafted with acrylic material (eco-friendly)

- Size based on diameter 

- Requires 1 AA battery (not included)



United States: 15-25 Days

International Shipping: 15-30 Days


How big is the clock?

The size of the clock is dependent on the customer. The sizes we provide on our product page are just the suggested sizes of the layout. The individual pieces of the clock can be placed as close or far apart as you wish. The overall size of the clock is entirely in the hands of the customer.


Will this leave a mark on my wall if I remove it?

Our product will not leave any residue on your wall once removed. We use a high adhesive to ensure we do not leave a mark.


What type of wall can I put the clock on?

We suggest you avoid any type of uneven surfaces such as exposed brick. Any sort of flat wall will work perfectly fine.


Is the clock quiet? Can I put it where I sleep?

Yes, this clock has a silent motor installed so that there is no sounds when it operates. You can put it anywhere in your living space or office and not have to worry about any sounds at all.

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